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Many photography enthusiasts pay more attention to the performance of cameras or SLRs, but ignore that SD cards are part of them. The more advanced the camera or SLR is, the better it is equipped with a good SD card. Otherwise, the SD card will limit the function of SLR. For many photography enthusiasts, the pursuit of high-speed, continuous shooting naturally requires a large capacity, fast transmission speed SD card. Here, we introduce six popular SD cards to you. A good SD card is very important because it allows you to introduce the risk of data loss. You don't have to think about SD card picture recovery.


1. Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB

For this price, 32 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro seems a little incredible. Its reading speed is as high as 95 MB/s, and its writing speed is as high as 95 MB/s and its grade is as high as 90 MB/s. At this speed, shooting 3@32 or 4K video of continuous RAW photos should not be a problem. In addition to fast reading and writing speed, GB Sandisk also has the characteristics of shockproof, heatproof, waterproof and X-ray proof. Another good bonus is a limited lifetime warranty.

2. Lexar 32 GB Professional1000×

If you need to read and write faster than Sandisk extreme pro, Lexar's 32 GB Professional 1000 x can satisfy this desire. This SDHC card can read and write at speeds up to 150 MB/s and 75 MB/s respectively, and has a variety of capacities ranging from 16 GB to 256 GB, so you can easily find enough storage space to meet your needs. Like San Disk, Lexar offers a limited lifetime warranty as an additional guarantee.


3. PNY Elite Performance 32 GB

PNY may not be as well-known as San Disk and exar, but it has proven itself to be a valuable competitor in the PNY Elite Performance series with transmission speeds of up to 9 OMB/s, but PNY does not say how fast it can read and write separately. The SD card includes limited lifetime warranty, as well as shock, heat and water-proof technology. Officials say it can continue to operate after being immersed in a meter of salt water.

4. Sandisk Utra 32 GB

If speed is not your priority, but you want to buy multiple memory cards to disperse the risk of data loss caused by hardware damage, Sandiske's Utra SD card is the best choice to write at a speed of up to 80MB/s, which is fast enough for most 1080P videos. In addition, the SDHC card also has a variety of capacity options, and the price is cheap, with some unreliable brands almost the same.


5. Sandisk ExtremePLUS32 GB MICROSDXC

If you want something stronger and are willing to pay an extra premium for it, you should look at Sandisk ExtremePLUS32 GB MICROSDXC. It is designed and tested for harsh conditions and has excellent heat, water and freeze resistance, so you can shoot at the top of the mountain or at the bottom of the lake as much as you like. In addition, it can read and write at speeds of 95MB/s and 9OMB/s, respectively. Level 3 logo means it can easily handle 4K UHD video recording, and you can even get Rescuepro Deluxe data recovery software to recover unexpectedly deleted files.

6 Polaroid 64 GB

This plug-and-play high-performance SD card balances speed and value, is very suitable for various types of photographers, can provide a full range of storage solutions. UHS-1/U3 compatibility means that it can handle 4K photos and videos, as well as all other traditional file types. The read speed of 95MB/sec and the write speed of 9OMB/sec are enough to transfer a large number of files quickly. In addition, it also supports the burst mode of continuous shooting, and has the function of shock and water proof, so you can carry it in the field exploration.


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